Platform Auth


Platform authentication allows you to access cloud resources and enjoy additional features based on your purchased subscriptions. You can create an account or login to your account using email verification or Sign In With Apple. Email verification allows you to authenticate by confirming you have access to the email address associated with your account. You don’t have to remember a password to establish a secure connection with our cloud servers. You receive a verification link via email that leads back to our platform to complete the process. Sign In With Apple enables biometric authentication for an even more secure and seamless process. You can also authenticate as a guest to have access to resources that do not require a verified account or to use certain features anonymously. You can end your authentication session by logging out. You will need to login again to start a new session.

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Software as a service (SaaS) platform that enables feedback loops to connect Loopers (smart-phone owners) and Builders (entrepreneurs, business managers and policy makers) to help improve products, services and policies that impact individuals on a local and global scale. The OOLoop platform provides Builders an in depth understanding of the problem they are trying to solve to improve experiences recorded by Loopers. It provides Builders with insights that can be used to validate ideas and make better business decisions. Loopers use OOLoop daily to better understand and improve their Quality Of Life (QOL), find the causes & solutions that impact their experiences, build social connections with other Loopers with similar experiences and earn income when participating in the new data economy. OOLoop’s goal is to provide Builders critical and real-time insights in a way that respects data ownership and privacy so that they can build and improve products, services and policies that have a positive impact on Loopers quality of life.

Didier Dorélien
Founder, CEO, CTO - OOTech Inc.

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