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Understanding how you experience the platform helps us improve the user interface with each new release to help you achieve your goals on the platform. Usage analytics helps you explore how you navigate through the app, the issues you encountered that may have stopped you from using a feature, and suggestions of new app experiences you could try. Platform usage data is completely anonymous and is never liked to your account, email or any personal information. We also use differential privacy for introduce noise to the data so it can never be linked to a specific user.

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Software as a service (SaaS) platform that enables feedback loops to connect Loopers (smart-phone owners) and Builders (entrepreneurs, business managers and policy makers) to help improve products, services and policies that impact individuals on a local and global scale. The OOLoop platform provides Builders an in depth understanding of the problem they are trying to solve to improve experiences recorded by Loopers. It provides Builders with insights that can be used to validate ideas and make better business decisions. Loopers use OOLoop daily to better understand and improve their Quality Of Life (QOL), find the causes & solutions that impact their experiences, build social connections with other Loopers with similar experiences and earn income when participating in the new data economy. OOLoop’s goal is to provide Builders critical and real-time insights in a way that respects data ownership and privacy so that they can build and improve products, services and policies that have a positive impact on Loopers quality of life.

Didier Dorélien
Founder, CEO, CTO - OOTech Inc.

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