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We are happy to announce an important recruitment milestone which brings us closer toward OOTech's goal of democratizing data ownership & privacy and OOLoop's mission to improve Quality Of Life on a local and global scale. During the past few weeks OOTech's founder, Didier Dorélien has been busy recruiting the best candidates for specific management & engineering roles that are crucial to achieving the company's biggest milestones. We are beyond excited to welcome OOTech's founding team. 🎉

Didier Dorélien

Founder, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

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Didier is a multi-disciplinary, multi-lingual entrepreneur with an obsession for solving problems he is passionate about. Armed with an educational background in molecular biology, genetic engineering, audio engineering, music production and data science, Didier eventually found his passion in software engineering which was the missing skill needed to start working on solving local and global issues closest to his heart. Didier has over a decade of entrepreneurial experience, over 6 years of experience in software engineering (mobile, web front-end, back-end, and bluetooth protocols), platform architecture, data ownership & privacy, and spent years working in roles ranging from sales manager, customer experience manager, audio & video engineer, graphic designer and product manager. He now leads the business and engineering executive teams at OOTech working on the first two biggest problems on his list: democratizing data ownership and privacy and improving Quality Of Life on a local and global scale. Connect with Didier on LinkedIn

Tiana Khan

Co-Founder, Chief Privacy Officer (CPO)

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As a trusted data privacy & protection advisor, Tiana counsels business leaders on setting trustworthy privacy strategies and offers practical and innovative solutions to their privacy woes. She is the founder of Privacy HQ, a firm that assists organizations to comply with privacy regulations and find the right balance between compliance and innovation.

Her background in corporate governance, corporate legal advisory, and strategic planning allows her to apply a proactive and agile approach when building a data privacy framework that enables businesses to adapt quickly and stay in compliance with new regulatory requirements. Tiana is an advocate for ethical data governance and a tireless mentor to new professionals in the field of data privacy and protection.

Find out more about her on LinkedIn

Gregory Hood

Co-Founder, Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

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Greg is the epitome of data driven finance as he was one of the first CPAs in all of Canada to hold the title of Chief Data Officer. Greg brings over 20 years of experience to the table in global financial services and the fintech world, with over 10 years of senior management level experience, including strategy, finance and data. He has successfully scaled up several firms using his data, analytics and work flow efficiencies skills. Greg holds an Honours BA in Management from the University of Toronto and both the Chartered Professional (CPA) and Certified Management Accountant (CMA) designations. Find out more about Greg on LinkedIn

Duane Browne

Co-Founder, Director: Strategy & Partnership

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Duane prides himself on being the advocate for all stakeholders, from corporate partners to end users and clients. Beyond his +15 years of marketing and partner success experience, is a business leader who thrives on identifying business problems and creating paths for innovative solutions through focusing on value, efficiencies, and collaboration to drive transformative results. Spending 13 years in the telecommunications industry in a product services, retention strategy and marketing response capacity, Duane has a knack for looking at products and services from the customer and end user perspective to validate business cases. Over the last decade, Duane has been a guest lecturer at various institutions speaking on marketing, branding, and client experience concepts (including Conestoga College, City of Woodbridge, and Ryerson University). Lastly, Duane mentors many at risk youth across Toronto and helps young professionals close the networking gap to help grow their career, find their passion and express their purpose. Feel free to connect with Duane on LinkedIn

Ishan Mishra

Co-Founder, Director: Privacy & AI

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Ishan loves building out privacy and AI infrastructure and systems that can scale and help hundreds of thousands of people. He graduated with a degree in Nanotechnology Engineering at the University of Waterloo in 2020, after spending a year doing research at Harvard, a year at the Bay Area Venture Capital Firm Human Capital, and after co-founding and running the business and software of an international award winning deep-tech startup where he was featured on BBC, Discovery Channel, and several other major media outlets, and was a global runner up for the James Dyson Design Award. More recently, he's a core member of the Differential Privacy team at OpenMined, where he's building privacy enhancing technologies that will give 100-1000x more data for every ML practitioner, and will usher in the next generation of scientific breakthroughs and Nobel Prizes.

Ishan joined OOTech to help make a difference in the fight against systematic issues like racism, inequality, and discrimination by harnessing the power of Differential Privacy, machine learning, and most importantly: people. He's drawing on his previous experiences to build scalable AI and DP systems, and using them to meaningfully improve people's quality of life, which has always been a long term goal of his.

Learn more about Ishan on LinkedIn

Steven Kartonchik

Strategic Advisor

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Steven is a University of Waterloo graduate with a Co-Operative Program Degree in Mathematics with minors in Computer Science and Marketing. This led him to a 35+ year career in sales, marketing, management and executive roles in the Software solutions market, providing solutions to end users who needed access to better information…on their terms.

Steven and his teams consistently outperformed expectations by working as problem servers, often with new software, to gain knowledge as to the business challenges faced by departments like Sales, Finance and Human Resources and subsequently proposing solutions that directly addressed real issues and delivered measurable results.

As part of an initial “SWAT” team at Cognos Inc., Steven played a key role in establishing Cognos as the leader in Business Intelligence before transitioning into the existing field structure in Sales and Sales Management roles, eventually leading the largest region in Canada. He then moved on to ADFLOW Networks – an innovator in the provision of In-Store Digital Marketing Network solutions – as a partner and member of the executive team. His responsibilities included the development and execution of Sales Strategy and Field Management across North America. After successfully increasing revenues fivefold, Steven and his partners sold ADFLOW to a large American company.

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Paula Festas

Strategic Advisor

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A seasoned and highly experienced business leader, Paula brings over 25 years track record of proven success in driving global and high-performing brands and organizations towards new success and strong, profitable partnerships.

Festas’s extensive resume enables her to bring innovative and rejuvenated ideas to the table. She builds a solid foundation focusing on people, process and integrated platforms. Paula’s focus is to help Marketers increase ROI, engagement and brand awareness.

While balancing an exceptionally disciplined approach to digital, broadcast and print strategy as well as sales leadership, Festas continuously demonstrates a knack for developing revolutionary solutions to unique monetization strategies. Under Paula’s guidance, OOTech will focus on delivering sales and marketing strategies to help build new revenue streams.

Festas is an active member of the advertising community, sitting on numerous industry boards as well as not-for-profit boards. She currently holds a seat as a board director at Responsible Gambling Council Check as well as President of the board for Good Deeds. Previously held board positions included the IAB Canada Board of Directors, Broadcast Executive Society board and the National Advertising Benevolent Society board. She is also recognized as being a leader in the mentorship of aspiring professionals, being involved in number programs such as Great Canadian Sales Competition and Junior Achievement Central Ontario.

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OOTech Inc. is a Canadian technology startup and our goal is to connect people to their digital world so they can regain control & ownership of their data. We build web, desktop & mobile apps as well as decentralized servers, routers & IOT sensors that work seamlessly together to achieve our vision of an internet where every user owns and controls the digital information they generate (social, professional, medical, financial etc.). We want to provide a better alternative to the current way user data is handled by online companies. People want amazing, life enriching experiences online without having to sacrifice their data’s privacy, security or ownership. We believe that it is a fundamental human right to be able to own and have granular control over every single data point that you generate, that is why we are building a tech platform ecosystem made of OOApps that allows you to Optimize Ownership of your digital world and provides you with online tools to enrich your personal and professional life.

Didier Dorélien
Founder, CEO, CTO - OOTech Inc.

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