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OOProtocol (UI/UX)

OOProtocol (UI/UX): OOTech's Optimized Ownership Protocol outlines the design & software decisions that enabled an adaptive app interface and experience that can scale and learn.

Data Storage Location

Granular Controls Over Data Storage Location. OOLoop launched this feature as part of version 0.2 release.

Using Differential Privacy To Preserve Anonymity When Unlocking Insights

Can we design data privacy strategies that are robust even against hackers that have auxiliary information? Differential privacy makes it possible to analyze data and generate insights while preserving the privacy of the individual data owners.

Monetization in The Age Of Data Ownership and Privacy

How do you monetize in a way that ensures that the goals of the software platform and the goals of the people using the platform are aligned?

Validate Your Ideas and Provide Solutions That Impacts Lives

Entrepreneurs, business managers and policy makers use feedback loops to improve products, services & policies that impacts people at a local & global scale.

Data Ownership and Privacy as a Competitive Advantage

In an age where big tech companies know more about us than we know about ourselves, people are becoming more aware of the value in their data. Companies with ownership, privacy and storage location control at their core have a competitive advantage over those who don't provide these critical capabilities.

Optimizing Ownership of The World's Information

What does it mean to own your digital experiences? OOTech's goal is to provide a superior alternative to the current way user data is handled by tech companies and set the industry standard on data ownership and privacy.